Hosting & Support

We don’t just build your site and walk away. We offer ongoing support for all your post-launch needs. The Oss Design Studio support team handles everything from from bug fixes, site performance issues and CMS updates to design tweaks and new feature support.

We’ll also help our managed or hosting clients deal with server-related issues. With three tiers of support, you’ll never really be left to deal with your site alone.

Managed website options

Avoid the hassle of hosting your own site.

Our support team will take care of the details so you’ll have more time to focus on updating your content. These are a just a few of the ways you’ll benefit from managed hosting:

  • uptime monitoring
  • site maintenance
  • content management system updates
  • security management
  • performance optimization

Let’s Us Help You

Because Oss Design Studio designs and develops the sites we host, we also maintain the environments. Take advantage of robust hosting plans by partnering with us.

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